Gather Web3 Innovators in Amsterdam: The Web3.Conference is Here!

• The Web3.Conference is a premier event to explore the latest trends in Web3 internet standard
• The event will include talks and networking opportunities with industry leaders, marketers, investors and entrepreneurs
• It will be held in Amsterdam on May 19th

The Web3.Conference

The Web3.Conference is an upcoming event that brings together builders and creators of the revolutionary new internet standard – Web3. Participants can explore, learn, network and gain insights into the latest trends and use cases emerging from this new technology. Famous speakers from different industries, as well as investors, developers and entrepreneurs are invited to attend the event which promises a day packed with interesting talks and networking opportunities for all attendees.

Key Topics

The conference covers topics such as how changes brought about byWeb3 projects might affect our lives; building decentralized autonomous organizations; use cases for business involving NFTs; how social media could be affected by Web 3; role of the metaverse + gaming in the new web 3 reality; investing in web 3; AI’s potential role in shaping the future of web 3.

Why Is This Important?

Web 3 represents a fundamental shift in how we think about and interact with the internet – decentralization, privacy and user empowerment are at its core. It has captured attention not just from technical people but also investors, developers and entrepreneurs who recognize its potential to innovate or disrupt existing systems.

When & Where?

The conference takes place on May 19th 20208in Amsterdam – a city known for its vibrant culture featuring numerous galleries, theaters and events.

What Else?

In addition to participating in insightful talks related to web 3 development, participants can also experience workshops related to product design & engineering; startups & venture capital; digital marketing & communications strategy; data science & analytics etc.,

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