PEPE Price Plunges 15%: Is a Huge Move Incoming?

• PEPE’s price action has been volatile in the past few days, with a new low created.
• There is an impending breakout from the large descending triangle which could make a major move in the near future.
• Buyers need to defend the key support at $0.0000010 to prevent PEPE from falling further.

PEPE Price Volatility

PEPE’s volatility exploded in the past few days, with the price moving by over 30% in a day. This has created a large descending triangle which could be interpreted as bearish and buyers must defend the key support at $0.0000010 or else it could fall much lower towards $0.0000005.

Trading Volume & Indicators

The volume picked up on Monday, with bears dominating the chart while daily RSI is under 50 points and continues to give a bearish bias due to it making lower highs. The daily MACD is negative but histogram is making higher lows which could signal that this downtrend may find a bottom soon.

Short-Term Prediction for PEPE Price

It’s likely that volatility will be high in the next few days, with buyers needing to do all they can to defend the key support at $0.0000010 or else PEPE would open up for it to fall much lower towards $0.0000005.

Risk Warning

Investments are subject to market risk and investors should exercise caution before investing their hard-earned money into any asset class or digital currency as there is no guarantee of returns and prices can be highly volatile due to market conditions and external factors such as news events and regulation changes so please do your own research thoroughly before taking any decision related investments related decisions!

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