Tether Brings Stability to Cosmos: USDt Now on Kava!

• Tether has chosen Kava as its gateway to the Cosmos ecosystem.
• Native USDt issued on Kava will address limited growth, low liquidity, and high volatility of using the Cosmos ecosystem.
• Tether’s integration of native USDt on Cosmos will bring accessibility and financial stability to users and developers within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Tether Chooses Kava as Gateway for Cosmos USDt

Tether (USDT) recently announced it is choosing Kava , a layer-1 blockchain designed for scalability and speed, as its gateway to the Cosmos ecosystem. This integration could potentially catalyze a significant expansion of the DeFi economy by providing more liquidity and stability across appchains and EVM dApps on both Ethereum and Cosmos networks.

Native USDt Addresses Low Liquidity & High Volatility Challenges

Kava is excited and honored by Tether’s decision to bring its secure stablecoin to the Cosmos network. Native USDt issued on Kava is expected to address issues such as limited growth, low liquidity, and increased volatility when using the Cosmos network; therefore igniting a robust DeFi economy. Scott Stuart, Co-Founder of Kava expressed his excitement about this collaboration: “Kava’s support of Tether’s USDt integration will help bring stability and unlock liquidity across Cosmos and EVM ecosystems.“

Native Integration Streamlines Process & Offers More Efficiency

Unlike external bridge solutions which proliferate dozens of versions of wrapped assets siloing liquidity; natively issued USDt on Kava simplifies processes while offering a streamlined mechanism for stablecoin liquidity provisioning between Ethereum and Cosmo networks. This should improve user experience while encouraging participation in both networks at once.

Integration Catalyzes Expansion Of DeFi Economy

The integration of native USDT into the cosmos network through Kava could potentially catalyze a significant expansion in DeFi economy; providing more accessibility, liquidity, stability options for users within the cosmos network. The bridging technology between both networks creates an opportunity to facilitate transactions seamlessly without any setbacks or limitations faced when transacting with two separate blockchains in traditional ways.


To conclude, Tether’s decision to integrate natively through KAVA provides an efficient solution that not only simplifies process but also offers greater accessibility & stability for users within cosmos network while also setting up means for further expansion in DeFI sector all over crypto space!

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